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Dear Tony,

 This is a long over due thank-you note for the fine job your company did with our relatively small building project. I have never before had a project where I was unable to review or inspect personally the progress of the project. Your staff kept me informed with e-mails and digital pictures of the project and asked my opinion and advise whenever necessary. It was an amazing experience to open the door to our home, after being away for six months, and find all the changes completed and we having no questions or complaints.

We needed to enclose an exterior porch so that we could install an elevator to provide mobility for my wife and her dealing with MS. I made the decision to have a pneumatic elevator installed, but it was Groza who made it happen. My choices were all excellent. Your staff did a great job of satisfying the Palm Cove Homeowners Association as well as the Martin County officials. The changes are such that no one can tell that there was a change to the original building or design, plus it advanced the building to be a better hurricane resistant structure. Most importantly, everyone was pleased with the efficiency, organization and unobtrusive manner that your people followed during the job.

 Thanks again for the fine job and the complete handling that your company did to satisfy us without our being close by to inspect.



(Owner) Palm City, FLorida

 "We purchased our home in November 2008 and knew we would need a total renovation.  From our initial meeting with Groza Builders we were confident John & Tony could handle the job.  My husband and I have nothing but positive things to say about our experience with Groza Builders and reflecting on the process, I don't think it could have gone any better!  John & Tony (and their entire team) are professional, courteous, efficient and very easy to work with.  We absolutely love our home and appreciate the insight, knowledge and expertise that was used to take our house from a 1978 mess to a beautiful modern home for our family enjoy for many, many years."

J.H & T.C.

(Owner) Palm City, FL


It is always a pleasure when I can recommend Tony Groza and Groza Builders. I have known Tony and his family, both personally and professionally, and have worked with their company for many years. Tony serves in the sales and construction capacity within the family business and his style and manner of handling customers is respectful, pleasant, and always helpful. I would recommend for any undertaking he may pursue, knowing that he represents his company and his family name with the highest degree of professionalism and respect and enthusiasm.


Ally, Parker, Brown Title Company

Our firm has worked with Groza Builders many times over the past twenty five years. They have always put the clients needs first. They bring enthusiasm and professionalism that is getting more and more difficut to find these days. They are timely and cost effective in the delivery and produce a quality product. I have no hesitation in recommending Groza Builders for any project a client may be considering.

Daniel R. Braden

Braden & Braden  AIA PA

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