Subcontractor Service

Many service items and emergency requests can be brought to the attention of the appropriate subcontractor by telephone. To ensure proper follow-up you should also send in a written request to Groza Builders, Inc. as well. The subcontractors and their telephone numbers are given to you in your closing package.

Before you call, keep in mind that most subcontractor service hours are normally Monday through Friday between 7:00 am and 4:00 pm.

Our subcontractors are responsible for their original work. Do not contact independent subcontractors to make warranty repairs for you.  Groza Builders, Inc. will not be responsible for expenses that you incur for work that is done by others unless the work is authorized, in writing, by our Warranty Service Department. Also, using others may void your warranty.

Groza Builders, Inc. and our subcontractors take pride in the level of service and quality of workmanship. If you are ever satisfied or dissatisfied in any way with one of our subcontractors, contact your Warranty Service Representative or our office immediately. Your comments help us to maintain the high level of service that you expect.

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